Cult of Mac praises the Woolnut sleeve

Cult of Mac is a leading daily news website that is all about Apple. For years, they have provided insightful news and trustworthy reviews to tons of delighted and news-thirsty readers (as well as listeners through their podcast).

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The team working on Cult of Mac has extensive experience in tech writing and has also written for The Guardian, The New York Times, BBC, MacWorld and Wired just to mention a few. With this background, it is a true pleasure to read (and hear) what Cult of Mac author Lewis Wallace had to say about our Woolnut leather sleeve. Lewis was the one to write up a wonderful review for the news website, and he also spoke some really funny and praising words in the Cult of Mac podcast – Ep. 306. Thank you so much for the kind words Lewis!

We will leave you with some of the quotes from Lewis that we really liked.


“You pop this thing out of the shipping container and it’s… Oooh my god this is so nice! Unbelievable. I found myself getting, you know, kind of aroused…”

QUOTE FROM CULT OF MAC REVIEW (full review here)

‘“Seeing the Woolnut MacBook sleeve got me thinking. Or rather rethinking. For years, I’ve carried my MacBook in a sporty backpack with a purpose-built laptop compartment (or in a briefcase-style bag for more business-y trips). I never even thought about a MacBook sleeve. But I now find plenty of times when using one makes perfect sense.”