iPhone Leather Case by Woolnut

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“This case is incredibly well made with vegetable tanned soft grain leather and a microfibre lining. A great case.”

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“There are really crazy people, who do not settle for ordinary because extraordinary is their second nature.”

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“Woolnut has created a rich, vibrant option for a phone case. I’ve not seen a leather case quite like this before and I would recommend it to any iPhone user.”

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“The look is absolutely top notch. The leather is clearly of high quality. Its textured grain is clearly visible, adding warmth and improved grip when holding the iPhone. It looks, feels and even smells luxurious.”

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Slim iPhone Leather Cases

At Woolnut, we’ve designed an impressive line of slim leather cases for the iPhone 12 models, the iPhone SE (2nd gen), iPhone 11, iPhone XR, and other models as well. We use the highest-quality full-grain leather from Scandinavia. The beauty of this premium leather allows the texture and character of each case to shine through as each gradually ages splendidly with time and use.

The iPhone leather case interior is made from the finest microfiber that provides a soft bed for your phone. The leather cases wrap firmly around the edges providing the best possible protection. It comes in a slim construction free from unnecessary bulk. All in a design that works seamlessly with wireless charging, making it the perfect iPhone case for stylish yet functional protection.

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With Apple’s introduction of the iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, we released the Woolnut iPhone 12 leather case series. Our iPhone 12 leather cases are the best of the kind, made from full-grain Scandinavian leather that comes available in Black, Cognac, Green and Blue. The inside is wrapped in the softest microfiber to match the tone of the leathers. These functional and stylish leather cases 2021 for the iPhone 12 series are minimalist, sturdy, and even so very slim. This adds a touch of understated luxury to these powerful new devices we use every day. Wireless charging works perfectly, and the cover will help prevent damages from drops in every angle. The case extends over the front screen for the best possible protection when putting the phone down. As time goes and your Woolnut iPhone 12 case goes through life’s everyday tasks, the high-end leather will form an amazing patina.

Our iPhone 12 Cases

Explore our latest lineup of leather cases for the iPhone 12 series – including iPhone 12 Mini cases, iPhone 12 cases, iPhone 12 Pro cases and iPhone 12 Pro Max cases. Go to the specific iPhone 12 case product page to find out more about these cases.

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iPhone SE (2nd gen) Leather Case

In April 2020, Apple announced its new iPhone SE model, the 2nd generation. Of course, our lineup of leather cases covers this new iPhone SE 2020-2021 model as well. The cases are made with our signature full-grain pebbled Scandinavian leather, with an interior in soft microfiber. Wireless charging works perfectly with the case attached. Explore these new 2021 cases for the iPhone SE below.

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The iPhone 11 Leather Cases

Explore all Woolnut iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max cases on the specific product pages linked below. For each model of Apple’s newest smartphone, we have made three distinct colors available. The classic Black, the rustic Cognac and the new elegant Green. The latter matches the new iPhone 11 finish Midnight Green very well. These premium iPhone 11 cases utilize a high-end molding technology that ensures the phones are firmly held and fully protected with minimal additional bulk. Each Woolnut case is slim, protective and attractive, all in a design that ages beautifully with time and use. Discover a case designed with full attention to functionality and craftsmanship using the very best organic natural materials available.

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The X Series Cases

With the release of Apple’s iPhone X Series in October of 2018, we started on the development of our slim leather cases. We have these available for the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. For those that own the iPhone X, our iPhone XS leather case is fully compatible with it. Our leather iPhone covers for the X series use premium soft full-grain leather. Just as with our MacBook leather sleeves, this wonderfully soft leather ages beautifully with time and use. The interior of these slim leather cases is made from the finest soft microfiber that provides additional protection to exposed parts of your iPhone. The case for the iPhone XR, XS/X and the iPhone XS Max is slim and streamlined. Adding no extra bulk to the smartphone itself, it wraps around your device securely thanks to the use of high-end molding technology. The result is supreme protection you can rely upon, which our customers have come to know intimately.

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