MacBook Leather Sleeve by Woolnut

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“There’s nothing quite like some Swedish elegance to partner your MacBook, and this cover sleeve from Woolnut is a real thing of beauty. A sleek and timeless accessory for your MacBook.”
5/5 Stars

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“Woolnut is a great little company from Sweden that makes top quality leather goods for several models of MacBook. The leather is a lovely grain and the stitch detailing is subtle. The felt lining inside rounds off a top product.”

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“You can walk into any boardroom—or coffee shop—and class up the joint when you pull out your MacBook in the Woolnut Leather Folio. This is a splendid case.”

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“The Woolnut review unit elicited an audible “ooh” when I opened it. The pebbled brown leather looks absolutely fantastic. And the gray wool lining simply screams to embrace a MacBook.”

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MacBook Sleeves & Folios

Our line of premium MacBook leather sleeves and folios is available for the entire MacBook series. The exterior is made from only the highest-quality full-grain leather from Scandinavia. This natural leather ages gracefully with time and use, to become even more beautiful as the patina develops. The interior is comprised of the finest 100% natural wool felt from Germany. Our slim MacBook sleeves and folios are designed in Sweden and are tailor-made to fit every MacBook model perfectly.

The Woolnut sleeve and folio lineup goes further than simply protecting your device. It also complements your MacBook with a minimalist, rustic finish that adds a touch of understated luxury to the already slimmed laptop. We have two distinct designs for you to choose from. Our regular slip-in sleeves as well as our fully enclosed folios. We’ve got you covered, whether you’re after the MacBook Pro 13, 15 or 16-inch sleeves, the MacBook Air 13-inch case sleeve, or sleeves for older models.

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Leather Sleeves & Leather Folios

Woolnut Sleeve

  • Leather & wool sleeve of slip-in design.
  • Perfectly tight fit – tailor made for every MacBook model.
  • Full-grain leather from Scandinavia.
  • Develops a beautiful leather patina.
  • 100% natural wool felt from Germany.
  • Minimalist and timeless Swedish design.
  • Charge the MacBook right in the sleeve.
  • Use as a pad underneath the MacBook while using it.
  • Designed in Sweden.
macbook pro 16 inch leather sleeve case 2019 2020 2021 woolnut

Woolnut Folio

  • Leather & wool folio – fully enclosed with zipper.
  • Perfectly tight fit – tailor made for every MacBook model.
  • Full-grain leather from Scandinavia.
  • Develops a beautiful leather patina.
  • 100% natural wool felt from Germany.
  • Minimalist and timeless Swedish design.
  • YKK EXCELLA metal zipper in silver finish.
  • Inside leather pockets for iPhone, cards etc.
  • Designed in Sweden.
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Our Signature Sleeves

The Woolnut sleeve collection covers the entire MacBook series. High-end products by Apple require a protective solution that matches their quality. Whether it’s for the MacBook Air 13 with Retina Display (2018-2020), the new MacBook Air 13 (2020-2021 with Apple Silicon M1 chip) or the MacBook Pro 13, 15 or 16-inch models (2016-2021), our MacBook leather sleeves provide the protection to match. The recently launched MacBook Pro 16-inch sleeve is available and tailored for a perfectly snug fit. Made from the highest quality full-grain leather from Scandinavia and 100% natural wool felt from Germany, our covers ensure secure protection for peace of mind. In addition, the sleeves, or pouches, come available in signature black, cognac brown and green tones that provide a complementary look to your laptop. You can easily charge the MacBook while in the leather case, and it works great as a pad underneath while using it.  At Woolnut, we are dedicated to bringing you the very best leather case sleeves for MacBook models in 2021. The newly launched Apple Silicon MacBook models released in 2020 will fit perfectly with our sleeves for the 13-inch models as well.

Our Exclusive Folios

In 2019, we introduced the Woolnut leather folio lineup as an addition to our signature sleeve lineup. We have made sure the fit is extremely snug and tight while the MacBook is inserted in the folio. To realize this, a unique folio dimension has been developed for every model of MacBook. The understated luxury and minimalistic Swedish design sets this folio apart and gives your MacBook the protection it deserves. The full-grain leather from Scandinavia is, like most Woolnut products, at heart. And just like our regular sleeves, our folios are embedded with 100% natural wool felt from Germany. The zipper used in our folios is the high-end YKK EXCELLA, the most exclusive zipper from the world’s best-known supplier in the field. The zipper elements are individually and fully polished with anti-scratch capabilities that ensure a very smooth movement made to last a lifetime. Our folios come available in black, cognac and green leather.

woolnut macbook folio zipper sleeve green leather 2021

New MacBook Air 13 & MacBook Pro 13, 15 & 16 Sleeve Case (2016 – 2021)

At Woolnut, we have leather case sleeves for the MacBook Air 13, Pro 13, Pro 15, and Pro 16 models. We’ve designed leather cases tailored to fit both the MacBook 13 and 15-inch models like a glove. The 16-inch MacBook leather sleeve has just dropped as well, giving you the same premium protective cover no matter which model of laptop you own. All slip-in sleeves and folios come available in numerous leather colors with natural grey wool lining, all in a stylish finish to match.

We’ve designed our range of protective MacBook leather covers with versatility in mind. The 13-inch MacBook Pro (2016-2021 with Thunderbolt 3 and 2020-2021 model with Apple Silicon M1), as well as the 13-inch MacBook Air (2018-2020 with Retina display and 2020-2021 model with Apple Silicon M1) all have identical dimensions. Therefore, our leather sleeve for the MacBook Pro and Air 13 is interchangeable between these laptop models. The 2019 MacBook Pro 16 inch model is slightly bigger compared to its predecessors such as the 15-inch. For this reason, we have made a unique MacBook Pro 16-inch leather case to match.

macbook pro 16 inch sleeve macbook air 13 case leather

MacBook 12-inch Leather Sleeve

We have the perfect MacBook 12-inch leather sleeve for owners of this laptop. Specially crafted for a perfect secure fit, this MacBook 12-inch case leather sleeve provides a stylish complement to the tech beneath. It’s available in cognac brown or black with grey wool just like the entire range of Woolnut sleeves.

woolnut macbook 12 inch case leather sleeve

MacBook Air 13 inch Case Sleeve – Slimmed Perfection

The MacBook Air case sleeve for the 13-inch model comes in two attractive colors of black and cognac brown. Crafted from Scandanavian leather, the tanning process is carried out to meticulously create two perfectly toned leather exteriors. The result is a MacBook Air sleeve that offers complete protection with no compromise on style.

The interior of the Woolnut MacBook Air sleeve is comprised of 100% natural wool felt in a light grey color. With an emphasis on robustness and quality, it’s at the intersection of old-world charm and that modern touch where our protective MacBook Air 13 sleeve really shines. Designed for strength and longevity, the leather cover sleeve is carefully sewn and looped to ensure it stands up to what you throw its way.

woolnut macbook air 13 cognac leather sleeve

MacBook Pro Retina 13 & 15 Sleeve (2012-2015)

The MacBook Pro Retina sleeve 13 inch and the MacBook Pro Retina 15 inch cases are tailored for the perfect fit. The MacBook Pro sleeves provide both a protective cover as well as a stylish look. The Woolnut MacBook Pro case sleeves come in both black and cognac brown color, with both versions using grey wool felt as an interior.

The grey wool felt is sourced from 100% natural wool. While the leather sleeve is made from full-grain leather, one of the best available leathers on the market. After years of usage, your MacBook Pro Retina sleeve will age with rustic beauty as the patina grows stronger with time. Our leather covers are also available for the new MacBook Pro Touch Bar sleeves (late 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 & 2021).

woolnut macbook pro retina leather sleeve 13 15 inch

The New MacBook Pro 16 inch Leather Case (2019-2021)

The new MacBook Pro 16-inch model from Apple is here. Of course we have a tailor-made MacBook Pro 16 leather case sleeve to match this unique size as well. To ensure the perfect fit, we make all our cases unique, based on each exact different dimension of Apple´s lineup. The Woolnut MacBook Pro 16 leather sleeve is just as the other models available in multiple leather colors.

We are dedicated to the mission of expanding our signature sleeves in genuine leather across the entire Apple laptop range. With that goal in mind, we’ll be playing close attention to the release dates of any upcoming models from Apple. If you prefer a fully enclosed protection for the new MacBook Pro 16, our folio with zipper closure is readily available for this model as well.

new macbook pro 16 inch sleeve 2019 2020 2021 leather by woolnut

What about a new 2021 MacBook Pro 14 inch Sleeve?

Early rumors suggest that Apple will release a new MacBook Pro 14.1 inch laptop sometimes in the year 2021. Even though these are just rumors at this point, we might be able to see this new machine around the same time, even more, new MacBook using the Apple Silicone new M1 chip launches. If Apple releases a new 14-inch MacBook Pro, we will for sure make a MacBook Pro 14 inch leather sleeve to match it.

 We will follow the news on this expected release so make sure to check back here again soon for a possible MacBook Pro 14.1 inch sleeve release. This new laptop is expected to have thinner bezels compared to the current MacBook Pro 13 inch machine and possibly also use a mini-LED display. We will see if Apple announces this new MacBook 14 inch laptop officially or not.

Wool & Leather Sleeve
Two Materials Meet

The quality of the Woolnut MacBook leather sleeve shines through in a design that harnesses those tried and tested properties of wool and leather. We’ve gone above and beyond in our pursuit of securing only the best materials. The wool felt used in our leather sleeves is sourced in Germany from one of the world’s most trusted sources. We’ve selected a light grey natural tone for our wool felt, one that offers the perfect contrast to our other core material — full-grain leather from Scandinavia.

natural premium wool felt woolnut

woolnut letaher cover case sleeve full grain veg tanned leather

The full-grain leather used in our MacBook leather sleeves is what makes our covers the first choice for many. Our leather, originating in Scandinavia, is produced via traditional tanning methods. Thanks to the beautiful patina that forms, that high-end leather simply gets better with age. Each of our MacBook covers is unique in both its texture and character. It’s those variations in the aging of the leather that reflects the story of our own existence. Interested in learning even more? You can read more about our materials here.

MacBook Leather Cases
From India with Love

All of our wool & leather sleeves for the MacBook series are manufactured in a factory located in Chennai, India. Founded as part of a SIDA (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency) project many years ago, it is a family business run by Mr Noor, his wife and brother. Much of the equipment used in the factory comes from an old sewing factory in Sweden. With years of accumulated experience and expertise working with leather, our association with them is one we are very proud of. There’s a long and interconnected story behind every Woolnut premium MacBook leather case sleeve. And it’s that strong relationship with suppliers that we aim to pass along to our customers too.

woolnut leather sleeve case macbook pro 16 15 13 air 13 woolnut