New iPhone Leather Cases Released

Great news! Our new, slim Woolnut iPhone Leather Cases for iPhone XS/X, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR are finally here and available for order.

We have worked hard to get these very special iPhone cases to market. These leather cases are crafted with minimalism at heart, like all Woolnut products. A great attention to details and strong emphasis on materials are infused in the very appearance of these cases. We use the most charismatic leather to be found in order for these cases to excel into something truly extraordinary.

The leather we use is soft full-grain nappa leather which has a characteristic feel like no other. A leather patina will evolve and create an even more beautiful product the more this case is used. The soft leather is wrapped all around the edges of the case using a high-end moulding technology to fully protect the iPhone without adding any unnecessary bulk. Leather colours available are Cognac Brown and Black. On the inside of the case, we use the softest microfiber to embed your precious device.

A minimalistic slim and functional design together with an unmatched leather quality will leave your iPhone to speak for itself when using our Woolnut Leather Case. The versatile and timeless appearance of these premium cases creates a perfect iPhone protection cover to be used in everyday life. A true compliment to your iPhone.

Explore the new Woolnut Leather Cases for your iPhone model below:

Woolnut iPhone XS/X Cases
Woolnut iPhone XS Max Cases
Woolnut iPhone XR Cases

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