Leather Case for iPhone XS/X

Fits perfectly with
  • iPhone XS (2018-2019)
  • iPhone X (2017-2018)
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•   Full-grain leather from Scandinavia
•   Develops a beautiful leather patina
•   Ensures a warm, soft grip
•   Interior lined with soft microfiber
•   Wireless charging works perfectly
•   Case extends over cameras and screen
•   Slim design – minimal bulk
•   Designed in Sweden



iphone xs max woolnut case


This high-quality slim case for iPhone XS and iPhone X is crafted with an amazing black vegetable tanned full-grain nappa leather. This is not just any type of leather, but an extraordinary characteristic leather that develops a beautiful patina with time and use. The hard case interior protects your iPhone with the softest microfiber and the case covers all edges for best protection without adding excessive bulk. And yes, wireless charging works like a charm.

iphone xr slim case from woolnut

Vegetable Tanned Full-Grain Leather

If you have not experienced vegetable tanned full-grain leather before, you are in for a treat. The Woolnut iPhone leather case is made from the very best soft vegetable tanned full-grain nappa leather in existence. The surface of the case ages beautifully with time, as the leather patina develops. The feel of this soft, warm and slightly grippy leather is amazing and makes sure your phone rests the best of ways in the palm of your hand while using it.

iphone case woolnut black inside micro fiber

Wrapped in Soft Microfiber

The interior of the case is covered in the finest soft microfiber. This microfiber matches the leather color and adds to the minimalistic appearance. The strong, slim and lightweight microfiber has a wonderful soft feel to it and brings a thorough comfort to your iPhone. This way, your phone exterior is protected through everyday life not only through the leather exterior but also through the soft microfiber interior of this Woolnut leather case.

woolnut cases for iphones black and cognac

Attention to Details

Every aspect of this leather case for iPhone XS/X has an emphasis on detail and quality. The leather case has been crafted very precisely. The buttons are covered in leather and have precise responsiveness. The case openings for both the camera and mute button are tapered inwards for functional use, durability and a refined minimal design. At the front, the case and leather edge rise slightly above the glass of the phone to protect the screen. At Woolnut, we have been using iPhones for years and with this case, we wanted to make sure that every aspect of functionality, use, design and materials was fully articulated – with attention to details. According to us, this resulted in the perfect leather case. This case.

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iphone 11 black leather case slim woolnut

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At Woolnut, we are famous for our minimalistic MacBook leather sleeves. Complement your Woolnut iPhone case with a Woolnut MacBook sleeve as well. Using the finest vegetable tanned full-grain Scandinavian leather and 100% natural wool, these amazing sleeves have been the signature product of Woolnut from the start. Make sure to check them out.

Additional information

Weight 75 g
Dimensions 145 × 75 × 10 mm