The Mac Observer: An Outstanding Product!

the mac observer woolnut reviewThe Mac Observer has been publishing news, reviews and more on Apple products way back since 1998, and even before that under another name. It is one of the most trusted news and reviews sites for Apple fans today and they recently also got their hands on our Woolnut sleeves. The final verdict by Bryan Chaffin, co-founder of The Mac Observer, was nothing but great things to say about the Woolnut sleeve. Here are some of his words from the review;

“I’ve been using one for MacBook Air for the last couple of months, and I really like it. The leather is high quality, the stitching is strong, and the wool felt liner on the inside keeps a grip on your MacBook without scratching it.”

In the end of the review, Bryan summed up the review with some classic pros and cons as seen below;

“Pros: High-quality leather, great build quality, 100% natural wool felt. Strong stitching. Keeps a firm grip on your MacBook.”

“Cons: None”

The Mac Observer gave the Woolnut Sleeve the final rating “Outstanding Product. Get It Now!” We want to thank Bryan for the kind words and the great review of our sleeves. You can read the full review from the 20th November 2017 here: The Mac Observer Woolnut sleeve review.