Woolnut was founded in Stockholm, Sweden in late October 2012 by three friends with backgrounds in design engineering and product development. With a genuine interest in tech, design and modern craftsmanship, it quickly got clear that most of the existing protection covers and sleeves for laptops lacked the combination of using extraordinary organic materials together with minimalistic and functional designs.

On these bases, the first version of a Woolnut protection sleeve was crafted one late night in a Stockholm apartment. After some time of tweaking and shaping the sleeve into perfection, a decision was made to take this new fantastic product to market. The Woolnut brand was born. Today, Woolnut has grown into a well-known Swedish leather accessories brand known for designing high-end leather products, primarily for Apple devices.

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Our lineup of minimalistic leather accessories is tailor-made for a range of Apple products. We make sleeves and folios for MacBook and iPad, as well as cases for iPhone and AirPods. Our signature full-grain leather from Scandinavia holds exceptional characteristics and is beautifully unique. This type of leather will develop a beautiful patina over time.

The wool felt we use in a majority of our products is made of 100% natural wool. It blends perfectly together with the leather to result in unmatched beauty. Our minimalist design approach also shines through in our leather cases for the iPhone and AirPods series. All Woolnut products are designed and crafted with great attention to detail, materials and craftsmanship.

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