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Delivery & Returns

Yes, we ship worldwide.

We are working hard to give anyone the chance to experience our products, no matter where you live. Of course, shipping cost vary depending on your location, but we try to have as many shipping options available with the most affordable shipping prices.

At checkout, after shipping country has been chosen, you will see what shipping options are available and to what price.

Here are some estimated lead times:

Express: 2-4 business days

Regular: 5-7 business days

United States
Express: 2-3 business days

Priority: 3-6 business days

Rest of the World
Express: 3-5 business days

Of course, this depends on your location and choice of shipping method. Depending on your country, one or more shipping methods are available. These are our shipping methods: Express, Priority and Regular. All shipping options come with tracking number so you can follow the route of your package.

All orders that are placed on weekdays are shipped within 24 hours. Orders placed on holidays or weekends will be processed the next business day. All orders are shipped from our warehouse in Estonia in northern Europe. During busy times such as public holidays like Christmas and similar, processing times may increase so please be patient.

The shipping times we estimate is the general lead times in weekdays (business days) from order to arrival. Please note that we are dependent on the shipping companies, so we cannot guarantee these lead times. If shipping lead times are slightly longer, we can not give any discount or reimbursement.

Here are some general shipping costs:

EU: 6-21 EUR

US: 19-26 USD

UK: 11-21 GBP


Rest of the world: 29-39 EUR

Within EU, VAT is included in the shipping cost listed. Note that the shipping cost depends on the shipping method and shipping country you choose at checkout. Depending on your country, different shipping methods may be available.

You will receive an order tracking number by email after the order has been dispatched from our warehouse.

All orders shipped with DHL and FedEx carry their own tracking numbers so that you can follow your delivery.

Note that you will not receive a tracking number of your order directly after your purchase is completed. This will be sent out first when your order is dispatched from our warehouse. This often takes a business day from the time the order is completed. If you order late on a Friday, you will most likely be emailed the tracking number on the following Monday when the order is dispatched.

Most orders are delivered within the given estimated lead times.

However, please note that we are dependent on the shipping companies, so we cannot guarantee any delivery dates and/or shipping lead times. Please allow all orders a few extra days than estimated to be delivered. Sometimes, the order might also take some extra time in customs or similar. This is also out of our control and differs between countries. If you have not received your order within a reasonable timeframe from the expected delivery days, then please contact us so that we can try to figure out what has happened.

With shipping methods DHL and FedEx, it is easy to see the status on your order if you have been emailed the tracking number. You will receive this tracking number as soon as your order is dispatched from our warehouse.

If you wish to return your WOOLNUT product purchased through, you have the right to do so if:

- You can show us the original order receipt.

- The product and packaging are still in a sellable condition, unused and undamaged.

Please notify us about your wish to return a product by email Notification about this shall be done immediately upon reception of the product or latest 14 days after reception. The product must be returned in its original and undamaged package. All returns must be returned within 30 days and in its original packaging. The cost for return shipments will not be provided by WOOLNUT so you have to cover this charge yourself and provide us with a tracking number.

Refunds for returned products will be made within two weeks of the return of the product, to the original purchaser’s credit card or PayPal account depending on payment method used. For countries within the EU, VAT will be included in the refund. Duties and/or taxes will not be refunded for countries outside of EU.

Return of products are sent to:

Woolnut AB
Upplandsgatan 37
SE-11328 Stockholm

NOTE: You should only address the return to Woolnut AB. Do not enter or in any way use the name of the customer support agent as addressee when returning a product.

See our full refund policy here.

United Kingdom order exception:

WOOLNUT will collect UK VAT of 20% on all orders to the UK with a total product value of up to the EUR equivalent of 135 GBP exclusive of VAT.

On order total product values above the EUR equivalent of 135 GBP exclusive of VAT, any VAT, import duties and/or taxes will be charged to the recipient upon import to the UK.

Prices & Payments

When you visit our website, we try to show you the correct prices depending on your IP address. Sometimes, we do not get this right. Therefore, if we think you are located outside the EU based on your IP address, we show you prices exclusive of VAT.

Depending on if your shipping country is within the European Union (EU) or not, our product prices includes or excludes VAT. For customers in the EU, we will collect VAT according to the country-specific VAT rate of the shipping country entered at checkout. The correct prices are ultimately decided by the shipping country chosen at checkout.

Depending on if your shipping country is within the European Union (EU) or not, our product prices includes or excludes VAT. For customers in the EU, we will collect VAT according to the country-specific VAT rate of the shipping country entered at checkout. The correct prices are ultimately decided by the shipping country chosen at checkout.

We accept international payments with credit cards VISA, MasterCard and American Express. On-site credit card payments are processed via Shopify Payments.

We also accept international payments through PayPal. You can pay with your PayPal account or through PayPal using the cards VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Card payments through PayPal are also possible without a PayPal account.

After you have completed a purchase, you will receive an order confirmation and receipt by email.

Please check your spam folder if you did not receive any confirmation email as it might have got stuck there. If you still can not find any confirmation email, please contact us at so that we can check manually what might have happened. You will also receive a printed receipt in the package delivered with your products.

Please note that your tracking number will be sent in a later, separate email after the order has been dispatched from our warehouse.

You can sign up to our newsletter for 10% off your first order (new customers only). Check the footer of our website to subscribe. Please note that this subscription offer might change or be discontinued at any time.

We send emails very seldom, most often on new product launches or during any bigger campaign.

Also, upon special holidays or other big occasions, we might run campaigns where we offer coupon codes.

We do get a lot of emails asking for discount codes on a random daily basis but unfortunately, we do not offer any discount codes this way. Follow our social media, subscribe to our newsletter and be on the lookout during special holidays instead.

Products & Materials

We have sleeves custom made for each and every MacBook model, so you can make sure we have your MacBook model covered as well. When ordering, make sure that you know which exact model of MacBook you have. See the next FAQ section for an easy guide to see which model you have.

Every now and then, Apple release a MacBook with a new form factor (new exterior dimensions), and to correspond with these models we need to make a unique sleeve to get the perfect fit. However, Apple lists their updated models with release year, and sometimes also extra specs. For example, Apple can name one of their models something like this: MacBook Pro (13-inch, late-2017) with Thunderbolt 3.

In the top menu of our website, you can navigate to your MacBook model of choice, based on the model, display size and year. Also, in each product page, we list the full specifications for the fit of the sleeves. Here you can see which MacBook model (release year and other specs) that works with each sleeve.

If you have any further questions on the fit for any of our sleeves, please contact us and we will help you.

It is easy to see which model of MacBook you own. This makes it easy to match it with the correct WOOLNUT sleeve or folio. Here is how to do it:

- On your MacBook, go to the top left corner and click the Apple logo and then choose About this Mac.

- In the Overview tab in the window that pops up, see the first line.

- There you can see your MacBook model, display size and specs which is all you need to match your MacBook to our sleeves or folios. For example: MacBook Pro (13 inch, 2016, two Thunderbolt 3 ports).

Our sleeves are designed to fit perfectly with each unique MacBook model from Apple. The fit for each model and sleeve is very snug, and we can not guarantee that the sleeves will fit any other laptop model than the specific MacBook model that we list for each sleeve.

However, if your laptop (other than MacBook), has the exact size as the MacBook laptop exteriors (maximum plus minus (±) 1-2 mm difference in either height, width or depth), then the chances are great for a good fit. Please compare your own laptop dimensions with any possible match in dimensions for a specific MacBook model to find out if the fit is possible.

WOOLNUT leather products are crafted with full-grain cowhide leather of Scandinavian origin. This type of leather is well known for its exceptional quality. The leather is tanned under Gold-rated Leather Working Group (LWG) environmental protocols, their highest rating. You can learn more about our materials here.

We use 100% natural gray wool felt from a renowned supplier in Germany. This company has been a leading manufacturer of classic wool felt for about 120 years. We use this top-of-the-line wool felt in all our products that use wool. As a material, wool is a very soft, water-repellent and shock-absorbent fabric that does not only look stunning together with our leather but also helps protect the item intended for its use through everyday life. You can learn more about our materials here.

Our iPad sleeves have a tight and tailor-made fit and are not suitable for use with any extra cases, folios or keyboards attached.

Our iPad folios on the other hand, are designed to fit the iPad together with Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard or similar attachments.

Most of our products such as our iPad and MacBook sleeves/folios as well as most small leather goods are manufactured in a factory located in Chennai, India, that specialized in high-end leathers. With years of accumulated experience and expertise working with leather, our association with them is one we are very proud of.

Our iPhone and AirPods cases are partly made in India, where treatment and cutting of the leather occurs. Final assembly and packaging are made in a factory located in China, that focuses on the production of high-quality leather products.

Our Matte PU Collection using PU and Recycled PET felt are manufactured in China.

Various WOOLNUT products are available to see and feel in certain retail stores around the world. We are constantly getting our products out to more and more retailers around the world. If you want to go see, feel and experience our products live in any store that carries them, see our list of Stockists to find your closest location.

Yes, wireless charging works with our iPhone cases.

Yes, MagSafe charging works with our iPhone 12 series cases, even though there are no magnets in our iPhone 12 series cases. The MagSafe charger will attach to the leather case with an iPhone inside, but the magnetism will not be as strong as it would be with magnets built into the case.

NOTE: Our iPhone 13, 14 and 15 series cases have built-in magnets and are fully MagSafe compatible.

Yes, our iPhone 13, iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 series cases are MagSafe compatible. There are magnet arrays built into these cases which allow for MagSafe compatibilities such as wireless charging and accessories.

Warranty & Product Care

Each WOOLNUT product carries a 1 year limited factory warranty.

This guarantee comes into effect from the date of purchase, as stated on the receipt. Any replacement of a WOOLNUT product under this warranty does not extend the warranty period. Date of original purchase is still valid.

This guarantee adds benefits which are additional to your rights as a consumer. In order for the warranty to be used in relation to replacements or repairs, WOOLNUT first needs to see your proof of purchase, i.e. the receipt your recieved upon purchase.

All WOOLNUT products are fully guaranteed against defects in materials or workmanship. The guarantee does not cover product damages that may have resulted from abnormal wear and tear, accidental damage caused by user, faults as a result of wilful or negligent operation, or any other handling. Additionally, the warranty does not cover damage to your device such as a MacBook, iPad or iPhone as a result of the use of any WOOLNUT product.

Our iPhone cases are designed with impact resistance in mind. However, if a device such as an iPhone is dropped even from the smallest of heights, there is of course a risk of damage. Therefore, WOOLNUT can not guarantee you 100% protection in any such mishaps.

Generally, there is no need to treat the leather of our products in any way. However, you may want to remove any small stains or dust marks on your product with time and use. If so, very gently wipe the leather with a damp cloth. Let it dry flat. Never dry clean, bleach, iron, tumble dry or twist the leather product. Avoid any exposure to extreme heat and damp.

Furthermore, any small wrinkles, blemishes or subtle variations in color or veining are typical characteristics for our full-grain leather and should therefore not be considered as imperfections but rather something that makes each and every cover unique and personal. To preserve the original quality of the products, avoid exposure to extreme heat and damp. If you have a product containing wool felt, such as our sleeves, you may clean the wool lining carefully by the use of a lint-roller or cleaning tape.

If you want to use any leather soap, balm or oils – this is something that you can do on your own risk. We provide a limited warranty on our products, but not for any misuse such as incorrect treating of the product. See the previous FAQ section for our warranty information.