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“The pebbled leather feels great, just as it does on its iPhone cases.”

Apple Insider

“Gorgeous Scandanavian full-grain leather and microfiber lining protect your AirPods in style.”


“After carrying the case for a couple of months, I can genuinely say, I love it.”


“I would recommend this case to anyone who wants to protect their AirPods Max.”


AirPods Leather Cases

Our AirPods leather cases are available for AirPods, AirPods Pro and AirPods Max. All cases are fully wrapped in our signature full-grain leather of Scandinavian origin. With time and use, the leather will develop a beautiful patina. A soft microfiber lining on the inside of the case ensures a firm and slim grip over the headphones. Our AirPods Max cases open up fully for super easy access – using YKK’s EXCELLA, one of the world’s most exclusive metal zippers.

We designed our standard AirPods and AirPods Pro cases with a two-piece construction in order to minimize bulk and avoid excessive hinges on the case exterior. The AirPods can easily be charged wirelessly with the case attached and the charging light is always visible. Our new AirPods Max cases are designed with several smart functions in mind, such as a built-in magnet for low-power activation and attachments for cables. It is also possible to charge the AirPods Max inside the case.


Case for AirPods (Std+Pro)

  • Full-grain leather from Scandinavia
  • Protective inside shell
  • Two-piece construction
  • Wireless charging works perfectly
  • Accessible Lightning port
  • Visible charging light
  • Slim design, minimal bulk
  • Designed in Sweden

Case for AirPods Max

  • Full-grain leather from Scandinavia
  • Protective microfiber lining
  • YKK EXCELLA metal zipper in silver finish
  • Opens up flat for super easy access
  • Inside magnet activates low-power mode
  • Charging is possible inside the case
  • Elastic straps for charger and cables
  • Slim design, minimal bulk
  • Designed in Sweden

AirPods Max Case

Our durable AirPods Max case in leather is tailor-made to ensure a perfect fit for the headphones, a charger and cable. The Swedish minimalistic design keeps the overall bulk to a minimum. Made for maximum functionality, it is possible to charge the AirPods Max inside the case and the built-in magnet activates low-power mode once inserted. You can easily charge the AirPods Max inside the case, through a small hole in the back of the case. Elastic straps keep essential accessories such as a charger and cables secured without interfering with the headphones themselves. We designed this 3rd party AirPods Max case with a super slim design that minimizes bulk and makes everyday use as well as longer travels a breeze.

airpods max case leather woolnut

The zipper used for our AirPods Max case in leather is YKK EXCELLA, made in Japan. It is one of the world’s most exclusive metal zippers with fully polished individual elements to avoid the risk of scratching the headphones. The premium metal zipper in silver finish ensures a very smooth movement made to last a lifetime. The exterior of the smart case for AirPods Max is made with full-grain leather from Scandinavia, well known for its exceptional quality. The leather has lovely natural characteristics and the rich pebbled texture will age beautifully over time. The inside of the case is lined with dense microfiber. It is elegant, super soft to the touch and very durable to make sure your AirPods Max stays protected through everyday life.

AirPods Pro Leather Case

Our AirPods Pro cases (for 1st & 2nd generation) are made with an exterior in our signature Scandinavian leather. The outside of the AirPods Pro cover is wrapped in leather while still being super slim in order to keep the bulk to a minimum. The AirPods Pro can easily be charged wirelessly with the leather case attached, with the charging light visible at all times. On our AirPods Pro (1st generation) case, the body of the inside shell is partly covered in a protective microfiber lining. Our AirPods Pro (2d generation) case have a body made with soft TPU.

The newly released AirPods Pro (generation 2) have speakers as well as a lanyard loop added to the side. Of course, our cases for the new AirPods Pro 2 have precise cutouts for both these speakers as well as for the side lanyard loop. Overall, we believe that we created some of the very best AirPods Pro leather cases available 2024. We hope this shines through when experienced in hand.

AirPods 3 Leather Case

Our range of leather cases also covers the AirPods 3rd generation. These AirPods 3rd gen cases are made using the same Scandinavian leather and are built as two-piece constructions with a protective microfiber on the inside. The charging light has a circular cutout, and the case works great with wireless charging. Our case for AirPods 3 is super slim while protecting your device during everyday use.

Our aim was to make the best AirPods leather case 2024, crafted with outstanding materials and smart features for charging port and charging light accessibilities. Wireless charging works great with the case attached and the two-piece construction makes the case as slim and minimalistic as possible. The AirPods 3 leather case is available in black, cognac and green.