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ykk excella best metal zipper about woolnut

YKK EXCELLA - Zippers that Excel

In the world of luxury leather goods, metal zippers are – and have always been - the preferred choice. Metal zippers are the most traditional type of zippers, renowned for their durability, strength and timeless elegance. They offer unmatched reliability and longevity, making them the ideal zipper option. Even so, there are big differences in quality and build of different metal zippers and manufacturers. Let's dig a bit deeper.


Zipper fundamentals

In essence, a zipper consists of a slider, puller, some teeth, top and bottom stops and a zipper tape holding these parts together. They create a system allowing for easy opening and closing of bags, garments and other accessories. There are a wide variety of materials, styles and functionalities for zipper usage - creating tons of options and zipper types. A leader in this field - and one of the oldest zipper manufacturers in the world - is YKK of Japan.


YKK - The leading manufacturer

YKK was founded 1934 in Tokyo, Japan by Mr Tadao Yoshida. Since then, YKK has emerged as a global leader in zipper manufacturing and fastening solutions. The company is well known for its quality, precision engineering, and innovation.

Today, YKK manufactures zippers in a wide variety of materials, styles and functionalities including different plastics and metals. For high-end leather goods, metal zippers are the top choice as already mentioned, and YKK offers a variety of metals, including brass and nickel, with a variety of surface finishes for the zipper elements.

Out of all YKK metal zippers, their highest-grade and most exclusive model is the EXCELLA. At WOOLNUT, we only use the highest-quality materials and components. This is why we use the YKK EXCELLA as the main zipper for our zipped leather lineup.



YKK EXCELLA - The highest-grade metal zipper

We use YKK EXCELLA metal zippers, made in Japan, for the majority of our zipped leather products. The EXCELLA is YKK’s highest grade metal zipper, and well-known as one of the most exclusive zippers in the world.

One of the reasons the EXCELLA stands out is that the zipper elements are individually and fully polished to ensure a super smooth zipper movement. This gives the EXCELLA anti-scratch capabilities that work seamlessly with our products made to protect tech devices. The fully polished teeth feel smooth to the touch. They also give a shiny and beautiful appearance to the zipper.

On top of that, a special anti-corrosion treatment prevents discoloration of the metal surface. Standard zipper elements often use partial coating, while the EXCELLA coating covers the whole element.

Symbolic of refinement, quality and elegance, the YKK EXCELLA is the essence of superior quality and the ideal complement for those applications where the details serve to further enhance luxury creations. That is why we use not only metal zippers - but the best metal zippers in the world - for the WOOLNUT leather lineup.

WOOLNUT products using YKK EXCELLA

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iPad Folios

AirPods Max Case

Tech Organizer