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“This case, available in brown or black, is incredibly well made with vegetable tanned soft grain leather and a microfibre lining. A great case.”

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“Woolnut has created a rich, vibrant option for a phone case. I’ve not seen a leather case quite like this before and I would recommend it to any iPhone user.”

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Slim iPhone Leather Cases

Here you can shop our slim leather cases for Apple’s iPhone series. These Woolnut cases for iPhone X, XS, XR and XS Max are crafted with our signature vegetable tanned full-grain soft nappa leather. The best there is. The beauty of this premium leather is that every case is unique in its texture and character. It will age beautifully with time and use.

The inside of the case is made from the finest soft microfiber to embrace your phone. The leather case wraps your iPhone completely for best possible protection. Still it is very slim, not adding any unnecessary bulk. Wireless charging works like a charm as well. In other words, the perfect case. iPhone Wallet Cases for older models are available as well.

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With the release of Apple’s new iPhones in October of 2018, we started to develop our Woolnut slim leather cases. We have leather cases for the new models iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max as well as iPhone XR. If you own the iPhone X, our leather case for the iPhone XS will fit that model as well.

These new iPhone cases use premium soft vegetable tanned full-grain nappa leather. This is a beautiful soft leather and it will age beautifully with time and use, just like our MacBook leather sleeves. The inside of these slim cases is made from the finest soft microfiber to embrace your phone.

The design of the iPhone XS/X leather case, the iPhone XS Max leather case and the iPhone XR leather case is very slim. It is not adding any unnecessary bulk to the smartphone itself. Our Woolnut iPhone case wraps your device completely by the use of a high-end molding technology. You can rely on the best possible protection.

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iPhone XS/X & XS Max Case in Leather

Our Woolnut iPhone XS leather case and XS Max leather case is made to embrace your phone completely. The design emphasis on functionality and minimalism. The result is a very slimmed leather case that does not build up any excessive bulk. The materials are of course also at heart and this leather will age most beautiful with time, wear and use. To learn more about our XS and XS Max slim cases in real leather, check the specific product page for this Woolnut product.

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iPhone XR Case in Leather

The Woolnut iPhone XR leather case is designed in the same way as our other slim cases for the new phone models. The timeless design and premium materials will always complement your device the best of ways. We can guarantee you the best possible case worthy your device with this slim leather cover for the iPhone XR series. Go to the specific XR case product page to find out more on this Woolnut product.

iPhone 2019 Leather Case

In September 2019, Apple is expected to drop the new 2019 iPhone models. At Woolnut, we are getting ready to bring our slim leather cases to these new models as well. It is not known yet what Apple will call these new phones. Perhaps the iPhone 11, 11R, 11 Max, or the X1, X1 Max and similar. It is expected that three different models/sized will be released, similar to the earlier 2018 models. Most likely, the new models will be a 5.8 and a 6.5 OLED phone as well as a slighly more affordable 6.1 inch LCD phone. Time will tell. These 2019 iPhone 11 leather cases from Woolnut will be made with our signature leather, vegetable tanned, in both black and cognac brown leathers. Please check back our website again after the Apple event in September 2019 and we will tell you more about our upcoming iPhone 11 / X1 leather cases of 2019. We are as excited as you on this release.

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Leather Wallet Cases for iPhone 7/8

Our Woolnut Wallet Cases fit the iPhone 7 & 8. These models have a card pocket in the back so that you can carry your essentials everywhere and everyday. Take a closer look at this iPhone case on the links below.