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This adjustable leather camera strap is made with our very special signature vegetable tanned full-grain leather from Scandinavia together with a soft 100% natural wool felt. Two amazing natural materials that will age and come to life the more the camera strap is used by developing a rich patina and shape itself in line with your shoulder or neck. The adjustable length makes this a perfect camera shoulder strap, or neck strap, no matter your height.

The middle part has a soft insulation padding to make sure you can carry your camera for long periods of time with full comfort. Metal rings is added to the leather harness ends, to ensure the compatibility with almost any camera. The Swedish minimalistic design is modern yet timeless, making sure you look great while capturing essential moments of life. Our very best camera strap in leather is available in black and cognac brown.

Camera Strap will be available end of September 2019

Reasons we make the best Leather Camera Strap 2019

  • Crafted with the most exceptional organic materials.
  • Vegetable tanned full-grain leather of Scandinavian origin.
  • Premium 100% natural wool felt from Germany.
  • Develops a beautiful leather patina with time and use.
  • Adjustable harness length (120-135 cm)
  • Neck part houses a soft padding for full comfort.
  • Compatible with most cameras – small split rings added.
  • Elegant metal buckles, rivets and rings in a shiny silver finish.
best camera strap leather dslr shoulder harness black woolnut

Woolnut Leather Camera Neck & Shoulder Strap

If you’re an avid photographer, your camera is one of your most valuable possessions. Whatever accessory you use should reflect that. Woolnut’s leather camera straps are among the highest quality straps on the market, and the perfect complement to any camera. You don’t accept anything less than perfection from your photographs. We believe you should think the same way about your accessories.

Woolnut cognac cam harness leather
Woolnut camera strap black leather wool

A versatile Leather Camera harness

No matter what kind of camera you use, or the type of photos you take, Woolnut’s leather camera shoulder straps will suit your needs. They’re designed to fit most cameras, including DSLRs, compact cameras, adventure cameras, and more. The small split ring clips make it easy to attach our straps to virtually any camera. Everyone has their preferred strap length, which is why we’ve made our DSLR camera straps easily adjustable to suit your preferences. The strap length ranges from 120 cm to 135 cm, and adjustments are quick and simple to make. Most importantly, the timeless design will suit any camera, no matter what you’re using. Whether you have the latest and greatest technology, or a classic camera you love, our leather and wool camera straps are sure to enhance the look of your equipment.

The perfect blend of natural materials

Woolnut’s leather camera neck-straps are made from the highest-quality leather and wool. We use vegetable-tanned full-grain leather for all of our straps. This impressive material not only provides a stunning look, but it’s also soft to the touch and contains a wonderful earthy aroma. The leather actually improves with age. As time passes, it gains a beautiful patina that only adds to the look and feel of this attractive material. Paired with the leather is a luxurious 100% natural wool. It not only perfectly compliments the natural look of the leather, but its shock absorbant nature provides an additional layer of comfort. This means the strap remains comfortable to wear, even after several hours. If you’re interested in vintage camera straps, we have just the one for you. The natural materials work together to create a unique vintage look that’s simply unmatched. Together, these two materials create one of the best camera straps available today.

Woolnut camera strap cognac brown dslr
Woolnut black cam strap leather

An eco-friendly manufacturing process

We’re not just concerned with the look and feel of our products. We want to help create a more sustainable world by utilizing natural manufacturing processes. The vegetable tanning process used for our leather is done with natural organic tannins. This is far more eco-friendly than chrome tanning, which utilizes a variety of harmful chemicals as part of its process. The leather used for our camera straps is also REACH-certified, ensuring they are compliant with necessary environmental regulations in the EU.

Capture the world with Woolnut camera neck & shoulder strap

If you’re truly passionate about photography, you want a camera strap that brings you joy every time you wear it. Choose Woolnut’s leather camera neck and shoulder strap and give yourself an accessory that you can be proud of.

woolnut leather camera shoulder neck strap black leather

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