Leather Strap for Cameras

Fits perfectly with
  • All cameras that have a set of holes (eyelets) to attach circular/triangular split rings or similar
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•   Full-grain leather from Scandinavia
•   Develops a beautiful leather patina
•   100% natural wool felt from Germany
•   Adjustable strap length: 120-135cm
•   Can be used as shoulder or neck strap
•   Compatible with almost any type of camera
•   Middle part houses soft padding for full comfort
•   Designed in Sweden



Woolnut cam strap cognac 1


Woolnut leather strap for cameras is made from our signature Scandinavian leather and 100% natural wool felt. Two amazing natural materials that will age and come to life the more the camera strap is used. The strap is compatible with a variety of cameras including DSLR, point and shoot, mirrorless cameras, and more. The adjustable length makes this a perfect shoulder or neck strap no matter your height. The neck part also houses soft padding for full comfort.

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Adjustable and Versatile

To make the strap suitable for most photographers, it is possible to easily adjust the strap length using a metal buckle. The full camera strap length can be adjusted from 120cm to 135cm. The narrow strap end (only 10mm wide and 1.5mm thick) together with the attached split rings in metal (1x2mm wide and external diameter of 15mm) makes the strap easily attachable to almost any type of camera.

Woolnut cam strap cognac 3

For Full Comfort

The middle part of the strap houses soft padding to make sure the strap sits comfortably on the neck or shoulder. The Woolnut logo is elegantly embossed on the back of this middle part.

Woolnut cam strap cognac 2

Metal Parts in Silver Finish

The strap is made using small elegant rivets, buckles, and split rings used to adjust the harness length, to assemble the full strap, and to attach various types of cameras. These are all made in metal with a shiny silver finish.

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Complement your camera strap with a Woolnut MacBook sleeve or folio as well. Using the same Scandinavian leather and 100% natural wool, these amazing sleeves have been the signature product of Woolnut from the start.

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Weight 100 g
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 30 mm