Leather Sleeve for MacBook

Fits perfectly with MacBook Pro 13-inch (late 2016-2019 models with Thunderbolt 3 ports) & MacBook Air 13-inch (New model, late 2018-2019 with Retina Display)  –  Size Guide
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This high-quality minimalistic leather sleeve for MacBook Pro 13 and MacBook Air 13 with Retina Display is crafted with an amazingly soft vegetable tanned full-grain leather from Scandinavia. This leather holds exceptional characteristics. The interior is made of the finest 100% natural gray wool felt, that blends perfectly together with the black leather. With attention to details, materials and sustainability, this sleeve compliments your MacBook with a modern yet timeless design to last a lifetime.



black leather woolnut case sleeve


This Swedish designed black slim leather sleeve from Woolnut is made to fit perfectly with the MacBook Pro 13 (2016-2019) and the new MacBook Air 13 with Retina Display (2018-2019). The Scandinavian minimalistic design adds a touch of understated luxury and is not adding any unnecessary bulk while protecting the MacBook through everyday life. Made for maximum functionality, it is possible to charge the MacBook right in the sleeve and it also works perfectly as a pad underneath the MacBook while using it. The sleeve will only get more beautiful with time and use, as the leather patina gradually grows stronger.

macbook air pro 13 inch woolnut black leather

Detail is everything

Every aspect of this Woolnut leather cover has an emphasis on detail and quality. The black leather pieces are sewn to the gray wool felt with a sturdy nylon thread. This is done very precise, and on the corners of the open side of the sleeve, the thread is looped and locked around the edges. The sleeve is made with a precise slim fit for each model of MacBook, to make sure the fit is always perfect. Detail is everything, and that has been our motto from the start.

black leather woolnut macbook new pro air 12 13 15

Slim & Elegant

At Woolnut, we celebrate the merger between old-world materials and cutting edge technology. This sleeve is a result of that. The great craftsmanship put into the rather simple but very functional design makes it a great travel partner for the MacBook. Together with the extraordinary organic materials being used, this result is a slim and elegant protection cover. The unmatched simple beauty of this product protects your beloved MacBook and compliments it with an amazing new look.

black vegetable tanned full grain leather 100% wool felt woolnut

Signature Leather,
100% Natural Wool

At Woolnut, we use a signature vegetable tanned full-grain leather from Scandinavia (REACH-approved). This is one of the most traditional, desired and expensive of all leathers and the tanning process is much more environmentally friendly compared to cheaper chrome tanned leathers. The leather gets amazingly soft with lovely natural characteristics. Every leather piece looks unique and also changes color tone over time as it develops a beautiful patina. The wool felt we use is made from 100% natural wool, the finest and softest there is. The soft, water-repellent and shock-absorbent wool does not only look stunning together with the leather but also helps protect the MacBook through everyday life.

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woolnut black leather sleeve macbook pro touch bar

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