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new cases woolnut iphone 11

iPhone 11 Series Cases

Our new, refreshed leather cases for the iPhone 11 Series are now available for orders. Check out all WOOLNUT iPhone 11 Series Cases here. Crafted from full-grain leather of Scandinavian origin, this new WOOLNUT case is everything your iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max needs. The leather will gradually form an amazing patina after time and with some use. The cases do not build any unnecessary bulk. Still, they are very protective covering all corners of the phone and expanding just slightly over the camera lenses and front screen. Wireless charging works perfectly. This year, we also added a third leather color for this new line of Apple phones. Introducing Green along with our signature Cognac and Black leather colors. The Green leather is very similar to the Midnight Green iPhone finish, just slightly darker but still with a matte and slightly silverish green tone, close to the legendary Racing Green color. All WOOLNUT iPhone 11 Series phone cases are now shipping worldwide through our webshop.

woolnut leather cases iphone 11 pro max