At Woolnut, we select and source materials carefully. Not only based on their look and feel but also on their durability, functionality, and sustainability. Our minimalist, timeless and contemporary designs also reflect back on the materials we choose. By making sure our materials are environmentally sustainable and durable, we can craft products that last a lifetime.


woolnut materials leather

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woolnut leather colors

We use full-grain leather of Scandinavian origin sourced from carefully selected tanneries. Our full-grain Scandinavian leather is well known for its exceptional quality, much due to the mild northern climate of countries like Sweden, along with farmers complying with the highest standards of animal welfare in the world. The rich pebbled leather texture will age beautifully over time.

100% Natural
Wool Felt

woolnut materials wool felt

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woolnut wool color

We use 100% natural wool felt sourced from a renowned supplier in Germany. The supplier has been a leading manufacturer of classic wool felt for more than 120 years. Wool is a timeless and sustainable material. It is soft to the touch, with water-repellent and shock-absorbent properties – making it a beautiful and highly functional lining material that we use for a range of our products.

100% Recycled
Taffeta Polyester

woolnut recycled taffeta polyester materials

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woolnut material recycled taffeta polyester

We use 100% recycled taffeta polyester as a lining for some of our products. The taffeta we use is a crisp, smooth, durable, woven fabric made from 100% recycled polyester.


woolnut microfiber lining material

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woolnut leather colors

We use microfiber as a lining for some of our products, mostly smaller accessories. Microfiber is a lightweight, durable and synthetic fabric that is incredibly soft to the touch.


Some of our products use components such as small rivets or buckles, but our most used component is unarguably the zipper. The main zipper we use for most of our zipped products is YKK’s EXCELLA.


woolnut ykk excella silver woolnut

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woolnut materials ykk excella silver finish

We use YKK EXCELLA metal zippers, made in Japan. The EXCELLA is YKK’s highest grade metal zipper, and well-known as one of the world’s most exclusive zippers. The zipper elements are individually and fully polished to ensure a super smooth zipper movement. The polished elements also give the EXCELLA anti-scratch capabilities that work seamlessly with our zipped products made to protect tech devices. We use EXCELLA zippers in a shiny silver finish for a touch of understated luxury and a compelling, contemporary look.


We do not only think twice about sourcing the best materials for our products alone. Packagings and complimentary wrapping of products are also sourced with environmentally sustainable materials that are fully recyclable and look great.

Paper Packagings

woolnut recyclable paper

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woolnut paper packaging materials

We make all product packagings from fully recyclable paper materials such as various kraft papers and paperboards. All packagings are printed on 100% recyclable paper materials.

Drawstring Bags

woolnut cotton dustbags

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woolnut materials dustbag cotton

Some of our products are wrapped in complementary drawstring bags. Our drawstring bags are made entirely from cotton and using waxed cotton strings.